Addressing Drug Abuse

Anti Drug Forum (ADF) In South Africa

The ADF was set up in October 2005 to address the alarming drug abuse and addiction that has afflicted the community of Chatsworth in Durban as well as surrounding communities. This is an ongoing project and the ADF clinic provides a structured program including psycho-therapy, skills development, recreation and building self-esteem.

HIV/AIDS is a growing challenge of our times. As thousands across the globe fall prey to the disease through ignorance, lack of education or a risky lifestyle, The Art of Living has committed itself to helping the world meet this challenge. The approach is two-pronged: supporting positive people to live a healthier life, while also spreading awareness and educating people on precautionary measures. The Art of Living also participated in the XVII International Aids Conference in Mexico in August 2008. The effectiveness of the Sudarshan Kriya in helping positive people lead a healthier life was highlighted.