Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's vision to see a smile on every face and make life a celebration, the Social Media for Social Good initiative launches its 2017 campaign - Happiness. Make it viral. 

We now invite you to volunteer and reach out to more people.

Join our exciting online and on-ground social welfare campaigns while you also get an opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity.

Become a Volunteer. Get Involved.

Happiness. Make it Viral !

Volunteer to build awareness on the 'Happiness Program' of The Art of Living , using social media. Organise programs & share schedules regularly.


Wisdom & Meditation. Make it Viral !

Share Gurudev's wisdom on social media. Organize meditations in your neighbourhood & share it with us.


Goodness. Make it Viral !

Plan and implement any Seva (social service) project in and around your city, and share it with us.


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