Team Art of Living at the TCS World 10K Bengaluru

“It’s going to be an emotional run…..”
“I want to raise awareness of the problems”
“I can’t wait to cross the finish line…”

Thoughts before a marathon: All the above and more.
Marathon motivation: Fitness, team spirit, social impact…many.
Impact created when I run: Immeasurable.

If ‘immeasurable’ seems like an exaggeration, consider this. A middle-aged lady, Dwaraka, raised Rs 47 Lacs for a cause at the TCS Marathon last year. A social entrepreneur who continues to invent himself even after retirement, raised Rs 12 Lacs. This is only the money they raised. These amounts have been pumped back into social causes, setting off a valuable chain reaction at the grassroots. Families, children and women have been empowered by giving education and livelihood training.

In the TCS 10K 2017 run:  

  • Rs 25 lakhs were raised for causes associated with children
  • Over a crore was raised for community development
  • Over 2 crores, 16 lakhs were raised for education
  • Total of 9,000+ donors contributed

Here’s a chance for you to run with us.

Join ‘Team Art of Living’ at the TCS World 10K Bengaluru marathon 2018 and become a change maker.

Run for any of our causes listed below.

Social causes that we support


Contributing to India’s Water Security

  • 70 Rivers/Streams Being Rejuvenated
  • 90,000+ Groundwater Recharge Structures
  • 59,000+ Built Sq. Km Influenced
  • 19,000+ Villages Benefitted
  • 7,00,000+ Trees Planted Along River Basins
  • 3,45,00,000 People Benefited
  • 8 States Work-in-Progress

Driven by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's vision to address the water crisis and establish sustainable solutions,we embarked on a mission to revive dried-up rivers in India.By employing meticulous planning, a participatory approach, and integrated development of natural resources, we strive to restore the hydrological cycle, rejuvenate rivers and streams, and revive other water bodies to their natural state. This comprehensive effort ensures easy access to surface water sources while replenishing groundwater aquifers. With a focus on collaborative action, we engage local communities as active participants. Our efforts align with the broader goal of preserving and restoring the hydrological balance; and safeguarding the nation's water security for generations.


  • 115 Villages Impacted
  • 90,000+ Trees Planted
  • 1,70,000+ Acres Covered

The Art of Living JalTara is our scalable answer to the water scarcity. This technique is a successful groundwater recharge system used for the area treatment of farmlands. JalTara Recharge Structures are built at the lowest gradient on each one acre of land. The 4 x 4 feet wide and 6 feet deep structures are filled with stones and pebbles.This enables rainwater to bypass the dense impervious topsoil and recharge the groundwater.


  • 1,00,000+ Students
  • 1,262 Free schools in rural, urban & tribal Areas
  • 22 States
  • 2,032 villages

The Art of Living Free Schools: For nearly three decades, we have been running free schools in remote tribal, urban slum and rural areas where public education infrastructure is either absent or inaccessible. We focus on the all-round development of the child by integrating spiritual education with conventional learning, building teachers’ capacities, and extensive community engagement. The program has so far reached out to over 2,032 villages

Upgrading Existing Infrastructure: Looking into solving the challenges of both quality and access, we have partnered with multiple corporates to improve the existing public school infrastructure. We create a productive environment for imparting education by providing access to better classrooms, laboratories, recreational facilities and toilets.

We believe in developing an aptitude of learning in the Students.
Ensuring facilities that allow students to keep at their best while encouraging a positive attitude.

  • Mid-Day Meals
  • Books
  • Uniform and Shoes
  • Digital Education
  • Library
  • Medical Camps
  • Commute Facility

Extra-Curricular Activities
For all Round Development of Children, these activities are a part of our daily routine

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Gardening/ Natural Farming
  • Robot Programming
  • Adore India Training - SSA Students Workshop
  • Indoor Games like Chess, Carom etc
  • Outdoor Games like Football, Archery etc
  • Cultural Activities like Painting, Music, Dance etc

Run Details

Name of the event TCS World 10K Bengaluru
Date 28th April 2024
Venue Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru
Timing of run Coming soon
Types of run 1. Open 10K Run
2. Majja Run
3. Senior Citizen's Run
4. Champions with disability
Registration end date Saturday, 27th April 2024 or as soon as running places are filled, whichever is earlier.
For Queries +919663546699, +919972656967