Swami Atmanand is a highly regarded international teacher and lecturer on yoga and meditation from India.He has been teaching meditation and breathing techniques with the Art of Living foundation for 20 years.  In 2005 he was initiated into the fraternity of Swami's and has since pioneered the Art of Living's Vedic Wisdom program.  Vedic wisdom has seen individuals from all over the world travel to the Gurukul (traditional Vedic school) in Bangalore to study veda's and learn about the power and impact of Sanskrit chanting of mantra's as well as a yogic practices and most importantly how such practices are inculcated into ones daily routine.

 Happiness Program!

We bring you an opportunity to do a Happiness Program with none other than with Swami Aatmanand.

Immerse and indulge your 'Self' in comfort and nature and go deep into meditation, sink into your soul and kick the world away for a few days - a luxurious retreat for the mind, body and soul!

Learn the world renowned Sudershan Kriya - powerful breathing technique
Engage in intercative processes to get a better understanding of the mind
Uplift your energy with daily yoga. 

Upcoming Courses accross UK : 

Leicester, 22nd - 24th June 
London, 29th June - 1st July 
London, 20th July - 22nd July
Cardiff, 13th - 15th July
Edinburgh, 16th July - 18th July

Sandhyavandanam and Upanayanam

Among the many purificatory rites, Upanayanam holds a special place. The meaning of the Sanskrit word Upanayanam means 'moving closer' to higher knowledge and marks the beginning of a new phase in a person’s life. It is also called the ‘sacred thread ceremony’ performed to mark the point at which children or adults began their formal education in the Vedic tradition. Upanayana is traditionally seen as getting a new birth in the spiritual world towards the higher knowledge of the Self and is an initiation process to learning the sacred chants and mantras according to the Vedic tradition.

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Decoding Karma


Swamiji will be sharing precious knowledge on "Decoding Karma" and open to all! Understand and learn:

- The principles behind karma
- The different types of karma
- How to manage and influence your karma through tools and techniques

Sat 23rd June, 17:30 – 20:00, Leicester 

Other Events around UK

    Secret behind Worship


Lecture in English
on The Secret behind
worship, traditions
and ideals
by Swami Atmanand

Warrington contact 07809735574
Midlands contact 07956455128 


      Way to Happiness

 Interact & Meditiate 
with Swami Atmanand 

Contact: 07553746720 

Maha Kriya +

Only open to those who have who have completed the Part 1/Happiness Program. Experience the energy of group sadhana with Swamiji. Swamiji will be sharing some extra tools and tips to all course graduates. Join us at the beautiful Keythorpe Manor. 

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Introductory Talks 

Come and experience the benefits of meditation and breathing techniques at our free introduction to the world-renowned Happiness Programme (London Bridge).


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Email: ukinfo@artofliving.org


Courses & Follow-ups

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