Movement towards a happier, stress-free world

The Art of Living is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world, founded in 1981 by renowned spiritual teacher and humanitarian Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.


It is committed to uplifting and empowering individuals and communities through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, with a particular focus on stress reduction and mental well-being.

Mission and Vision


The foundation's mission is to create a happier, stress-free world by providing tools for personal transformation. The vision is to foster a global community that seeks positive change and well-being for all individuals.

The Art of Living offers transformative, evidence-based techniques and courses that facilitate significant stress reduction. These tools also foster deep and profound inner peace, happiness, and well-being for all individuals.
The impact of these programs is wide-reaching, having resonated with millions in over 180 countries. Participants from diverse backgrounds and walks of life have reported remarkable transformations, ranging from heightened mental clarity and relief from anxiety to a more joyful and fulfilling existence. In essence, the Art of Living's multifaceted programs act as a catalyst for positive change, equipping individuals with the necessary tools to craft a life filled with peace, happiness, and purpose.
Service and Social Initiatives
In collaboration with Art of Living’s partnership organization, the International Association for Human Values (IAHV), they have launched a wide array of humanitarian efforts, including conflict resolution, disaster relief, and sustainable growth in rural communities.