Parenting Workshop - Know your child
Every month on the 1st Sunday
Brushy Creek Art Of Living,
Austin, Texas, United States, 78717
Event Fees:
35: $35.00
Course Id: 0P3965


Know Your Child is 2 hour interactive workshop for parents.  It’s an interactive, insightful, and deepens our understanding of childrens’ behavior and our ability to meet their needs.

The Know Your Child Workshop includes a root-cause analysis of childrens’ behavioral patterns and equips parents and caregivers with the knowledge to help the child blossom to his or her full potential.  The information shared in the workshop will reinforce a positive relationship with the child and carry this forward during the child’s development.

Topics covered in the workshop include information on:

·         Better communication, so that children will listen

·         How to address focus and concentration issues with children

·         Getting children interested in studies and school work

·         Finding ways to enhance the creativity of children

·         Managing stubborn behaviors

·         Nurturing children to be free and natural