Happiness Program

Ancient knowledge applied to modern life in a very practical way. 

Generally, all actions we undertake in our lives are to make us happier, however we do not always easily achieve what we want and that ends up creating some tension and stress in our lives. The Happiness Program will take you to the point where you effortlessly reconnect to the one inexhaustible source of joy: You. Inside you there is a huge range of possibilities waiting to be discovered.

This practical workshop unleashes your potential and provides a deeper and clear vision of our lives, bringing confidence to develop ourselves as never imagined and ability to make decisions with responsibility, lightness and joy.

The Happiness Program is an upgrade and renewal of the Art of Living Course - Part 1 and YES! Plus, now unified in one program for youth and adults, from 18 years. The course includes Sudarshan Kriya and pranayama, is more interactive and has been specially designed so that the participants relax and sink deep into themselves, becoming aware of their own tendencies and attitude

The key to happiness is under your nose

Have you ever noticed breathing patterns change according to the feelings you are having? When you are angry, which rhythm does your breath assume? A series of shallow and short breaths. What about when you are relaxed and joyful? You take long, deep breaths. Have you ever been told to breathe in while counting from one to ten? You may have been given this advice to calm down from stress, and noticed that it worked. Did you know that it is possible to keep the same sense of calm from day to day? Our breath is connected to how we feel, so, can our negative emotions be transformed by using the breath? Certainly. The key to achieving greater happiness isn’t very far. The answer to stress is right under your nose. Literally. It’s all in something as simple as the breath.

Discover the secrets of breath

So why is the breath so important in dealing with stress? With ever greater demands on our time, one needs more energy to handle the stress of daily life. Confidence, inner peace, enthusiasm and a smile - these qualities shine through naturally when the body is full of energy and vitality. Learning the breathing techniques taught in Happiness Program allows us to dissolve stress and negative emotions, calm the mind, and uplift our energy.

Restore life's natural rhythm of happiness with Sudarshan Kriya


Most body toxins are released through the breath. After having released a substantial amount of emotional and physical stress your entire perception on life can be changed.

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Most body toxins are released through the breath. After having released a substantial amount of emotional and physical stress your entire perception on life can be changed.

The centrepiece of the Art of living Happiness program is the Sudarshan Kriya,  a unique and profound breathing technique. Sudarshan Kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath which harmonize the body, mind and emotions. This unique breathing technique eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving you calm yet energized, focused yet relaxed.

Take the plunge!

Experience the Happiness Program

Without dipping into water, can you truly know how it feels to have a swim? Our facilitators will smoothly guide you through the experience of the Happiness Program, assisting you every step of the way.

A few hours spent on the course allow you to effortlessly absorb the many techniques, processes and practical life-tools. You go home as a calm, relaxed, healthier, more knowledgeable, happier person with easy-to-use tools you can use to maintain these benefits for life.

A happy mind lets you stay calm; make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life. Register now

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  • Benefits
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  • Four Simple Tools, One Goal

    • The Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique that releases pent-up stress and negative emotions while ushering happiness, joy and enthusiasm.
    • Practical Knowledge discussions that will help you experience and integrate the benefits of meditation into every aspect of your life.
    • Yoga stretches to help remove inertia from the body and prepare it for relaxation.
    • Meditation that will release the trapped or stored energy and recharge you completely. It also brings out your hidden potential.
  • "The secret lies in our own breath. Through breathing exercises, certain breathing techniques and some practice of meditation, we can rekindle positive vibrations within and around us."

    • Reduced stress
    • Greater sense of happiness and enthusiasm
    • More confidence
    • More ease in interpersonal skills
    • Anti-aging and rejuvenation effects
  • "We came to breathe and we experienced the breath of our souls."
    Rabbi, Jerusalem

    "I had an unforgettable experience during the Sudharshan Kriya. I just wanted the experience to go on and on.It’s a journey to love. That beautiful experience will stay with me forever. With regular practice of this unique breathing technique, I have been in a constant state of peace, joy and love.
    Katherine Tan, Housewife and Entrepreneur

    “The Art of Living program gives me back the peace that I had lost. Earlier, everything seemed scattered and felt like a burden. Now, stability, joy and easiness have come together with peace.”
    Zoran Radovic, Professor, Montenegro