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  1. Give Indian Citizenship to Tamil Refugees: Ravi Shankar

    Mon, 28/09/2009
    BANGALORE: Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has backed Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's call to give Indian citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India. Ravi Shankar said that his Art of Living Foundation had taken up the matter since A ...
  2. Taming Stress Through Proper Breathing

    Mon, 07/09/2009
    SHOPWISE President Bienvenido “Donnie” Tantoco III has found a means to take control of stress. Learning breathing techniques and understanding his needs and capabilities have enabled him to keep this demon at bay. He discovered these skills at an Art of L ...
  3. Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists from October 2

    Thu, 03/09/2009
    BANGALORE: Varied views and theories on meditation, enlightenment practices and consciousness, all under one roof -- that is the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists, 2009. Scheduled to be held from October 2-5, the residential conference will take plac ...
  4. Strengthening a city’s spirit

    Wed, 26/11/2008
    26/11, Mumbai Terror Attack, (November 2008) 26/11 remains a date etched in the psyche of many people. Many watched as forces turned two city hotels and a residential apartment block into killing fields. It was to be 48-hours before the terror attacks coul ...
  5. Now, Art of Living sessions for Tihar inmates

    Tue, 05/06/2007
    Among the meditation courses the inmates have been put through are Vipassana, Sahaj Yog and Divya Jyoti Neeraj Chauhan New Delhi, June 4: OFFICIALS at Tihar jail are putting prisoners through a 10-day ‘Art of Living’ course in yoga, meditation, and breathi ...
  6. Education must be reinvented

    Mon, 10/07/2006
    10th of Jul 2006 Education must be reinvented ...
  7. NGOs help run relief machine smoothly

    Fri, 07/01/2005
    7th of Jan 2005 ...
  8. Meditation classes for Tihar inmates

    Thu, 01/07/2004
    NEW DELHI: Yoga’s the new mantra of well being for terrorists and hardened criminals serving time at Delhi’s Tihar Jail. While meditation courses for undertrials have been in the news for quite some time, this is the first instance that the same "reformati ...
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