Zoran Imsiragic

Graphic Software Expert, Serbia

Prakash Padukone

Former Indian Badminton Player, India

Srinivas Uppaluri

An immediate impact of meditation has been on my work. The work that would normally take me several hours now gets completed in lesser time and that too without feeling very tired or stressed.

Konstantin Dragov

My work and meditation just complement each other. If I only work, it brings me boredom and soon, I don’t find any joy in it. So when I alternate it with meditation, I enjoy working much more.

Ami Patel

Being a good fashion stylist is about an ability to innovate in the moment and a passion to succeed. Meditation brought these qualities in me. It helps me shed unnecessary happenings that collect through the day and I’m fresh for new challenges.

Francisco Moreno Ocampo

Faculty, Art of Living

Beatriz Goyoaga

I think meditation has added an inner equilibrium in my life that I can go through the crises which life puts in front of me. I can’t get rid of the crises but this equilibrium allows me to go through whatever life is going to bring to my door.

Sahil Jagtiani

Silence brings creativity. When I cannot think of lyrics, I meditate which brings clarity and words just flow! Creativity just takes over.

Poonam Tandon

I’m an artist. Earlier, I had a lot of inhibitions and was unable to express myself fully. Creativity needs freedom and meditation freed me. With regular practice, I saw myself really shining through and the true artist in me came out.

Krishi Koellner

Meditating was like being in a washing machine - so many happy, new, weird, funny, upsetting, exciting situations would come up in life, but like clouds in the sky, I could see that all of them left me untouched.

Rupesh Malik

Regular practice of meditation makes me feel relaxed and keeps me active enough to play with my baby even after a long and hectic day at work.

Michael Fischman

Author, United States

Rajita Bagga

With the kind of job I am into, I sometimes have to travel for two weeks a month, sometimes three. But even with so much travelling, with long flights and jet lag, meditation keeps me productive, creative, enthusiastic and fresh.

Dr. Nisha Manikanthan

Daily practice of meditation has enriched my ability of cultivating compassion towards my patients, which is very essential for a doctor. This adds depth to my connection with them.

Dushyant Savadia

I was an alcoholic, chain smoker, violent and an extremely angry individual. I firmly believe that meditation has been a 100% antidote. Thanks to the practice, I was able to come out of my addictions very effortlessly.

Sameer Jolly

Before I started meditating, I was far more aggressive and temperamental, but meditation has made me more settled. I find that I can now face challenging situations with more patience and tenacity.