Rural Electrification : Light A Home

After every 5 households in India, the 6th household lives without electricity.

Light A Home initiative aims to bring clean and affordable lighting to 300 million people in India living in 78 million rural house holds who do not have access to electricity. This is done mainly through Renewable sources of energy primarily solar.

The initiative seeks to provide high-quality and cost effective solar lanterns, Home lighting Systems and Solar Cookers, disseminated through Solar Centers across India. The units are operated and managed by a local entrepreneur/yuvachariyas trained under the initiative.

The Light A Home campaign is making a concerted effort towards addressing these critical issues to enable energy access for all by providing clean lighting to billions that are at the bottom of the pyramid, and has adopted a localized, bottom-up approach to addressing it.

Each solar lantern and Home Lighting System in its life of 10 years replaces about 500-600 litres of kerosene, mitigating about 1.5 tonnes of CO2.

Service Management & Training Rural Solar Engineers

As a part of providing service, maintenance and installation facilities for solar products we will be creating Rural Solar Hubs in each village/districts where installation happens. In this selective youths from the respective villages will be identifies and will be provided with solar lantern/home-light system assembling, installation and repairing training. The objective of this program will be to provide adequate service facilities for the systems being distributed in the respective villages and to  enable rural youths to earn livelihood in their village by taking initiatives that will create better infrastructural, economical and educational facilities in rural India.

This program will enable creating solar installation, assembling and repairing facilities in rural belts across India and will also fulfill our objective to provide electrification of remote areas. The same youth will also be trained by the AOL foundation in Youth Leadership Training Programs.

Technology used for Rural Electrification:

  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar Based Battery Charging Station
  • Community Based Bio Gas Plant
  • PV Micro Grid System

Light A Home &...

  • Make studying joyful for children with better illumination and no harmful CO2 emissions.
  • Provide solar power for livelihood and bring new pride to women entrepreneurs.
  • Enable villagers to carry out income-generating activities at night.
  • Make access to medical aid at night possible.
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