06 January 2014 - QA 4

In Europe, we say that the Pope cannot make mistakes, and that he is infallible. Are you too infallible as a Guru, or do you also make mistakes?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

When you are spontaneous and aligned to the Nature, then mistakes do not happen. Now I can make mistakes if I try to speak in French! (Laughter) I do not know how to repair the television but I can certainly try. I might make a few mistakes here and there. It is not that I know everything.
If your intention is right, then the right action follows. Now in any action, there can never be 100% perfection. But your intention can always be perfect.

If you see anywhere in the world, there is always some imperfection in the best of action. So there is always a little room for improvement in any action. Whatever I used do, my mother would always tell me, ‘This could have been done in a better way’. So in that sense, growth is a part of our evolution. Growth is another word for improvement, so there is always some scope for improvement in action. But if you ask about the Being (referring to the Self), or the state of being, it is complete. Like the Sun is complete, but its light would appear to be less or more if the clouds are there in the sky. But you can never foolishly mistake day for night.