15th January 2013 - QA 1

Gurudev today is army day, can you please talk about our army or defence forces?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Indian army has been one of the best armies of the world; very well managed.

Their discipline, their commitment, their equality and justice is an example to follow. The army men have cultivated discipline so well! I wish that the youths of this country also imbibe the discipline of the men in the army.

In their personalities, you can see there is integrity, commitment and dynamism. Fortunately the army training has instilled such qualities of endurance, dignity and commitment. They have strong commitment to work and discipline.

Many nations in the world have a compulsory military training for a year or two years for the youths and the male members of the society. India should also have some sort of such training for the youth. More numbers of youth should participate in such initiatives.

The Jawans (In India common name given to the youth in the army) and their families really deserve to be congratulated. On this occasion, we also give our condolences to the two Jawans who were recently beheaded by Pakistan. These brave soldiers have been decapitated in such a lousy and cowardly manner by the Pakistani army, and it is a shame upon them for having done such a thing.

The families of these two warriors are still on hunger strike. They want the head back. Our sympathies and our prayers are with those families.