23rd January 2013 - QA 10

Gurudev, why is it that wherever Lord Krishna went, in those place only conflicts would arise. Or is it that Lord Krishna was like a doctor who would visit places of conflict and chaos?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

This depends on the way you see it.

The Jains say that wherever Lord Krishna went, He caused a lot of violence, and war took place because of His influence. The Jains actually believe Lord Krishna to be in hell for all that He did. They also believe that He is not going to be in hell forever. The Jains predict that in the next Satya Yuga (the of truth and righteousness), Lord Krishna will reincarnate as their next Tirthankara (holy prophet or apostle).

So the Jains see both good and bad qualities in Him.

The Jains, on one hand, say that Lord Krishna had extraordinary and supreme knowledge, because of which He is going to become their next Tirthankara. And On the other hand, they hold Him responsible for creating war and causing bloodshed in the Mahabharata.

They say that, if it were not for the counselling that Lord Krishna gave Arjuna, Arjuna would have refused fight the war and would have retired in the Himalayas to spend his time in penance as a sanyasi and the entire Mahabharata would not have happened at all. But Lord Krishna instead counselled Arjuna to fight the battle. He told Arjuna, ‘In one sense all these people are already dead, so you don't worry about killing them. You do your duty. Pick up your bow and arrow and fight.'

At that time , it did not occur to Arjuna to tell him that if they are already dead why do you want me to kill them again; anyways they are dead. Arjuna simple said, 'Okay, as you say, I will do that.'

So Lord Krishna did such clever acts. He was a living example of profound intelligence, along with extraordinary human strength.

That is why it is said that every act of Lord Krishna is so unique and extraordinary in itself. He stands in a twisted manner (referring to Lord Krishna shown standing with one foot firmly on the ground while the other bent, resting only on its toe), yet He offers straightforward solutions!

Lord Rama on the other hand stands erect with boot feet on the ground. But Lord Krishna would stand and act in such a twisted way yet He would give such deep and extraordinary knowledge.

In the Bhagavad Gita, He says ‘You cannot free yourself of your own sins. I will liberate you from your sins. I have come to take away all your sins. You simply have to take refuge in me, and leave everything to Me. I am there to support you at all times.'

It is so rare to find anyone who can give you such strong faith.

Lord Krishna was the complete manifestation of Divinity, having all the 16 qualities (kalaa) or dimensions of Divine perfection. This is why He is also called Purna Avatar (the complete or supreme incarnation of Divinity).

No matter from what angle you see Lord Krishna, you will not find any shortcoming or flaw in His personality.