Mission Green Earth

 The culminating three days of the campaign - October 17, 18 and 19, 2008 - saw a number of group Stand Up sessions. Governmental bodies, including ministries andmunicipalities of different emirates, humanitarian organisations, leading corporations,schools and universities, hospitals, supermarkets and retail outlets joined thousands of families and private individuals in this symbolic movement against poverty and inequality, with a focus this year on environmental sustainability.

The thousands of people who took part in the Stand Up included 68,039 from schools, 45,262 from companies and organizations, 5,170 people from communities and social clubs and 17,833 from the general public who participated in Stand Up sessions in malls, super markets and in individual capacity.

In UAE the Mission Green Earth campaign has been organised by International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and Art of Living (AOL) with the support of UNDP, UNEP, the International Humanitarian City (IHC)and Barclays Bank PLC.

A dedicated website www.missiongreenearth.ae is created promoting sustainable living& sustainable Landscaping as an integral part of the campaign.This is to ensure a sustained year long involvement on sustainability as a follow up for all institutions and organizationsthat participated in the Stand Up through dialogue, conferences and events organised or supported by Art of Living and IAHV.