In 2006 to reduce the use of plastic and introduce reusable bags and materials in association with Dubai Municipality and with the support of HRH Princess Haya and the International Humanitarian City, IAHV lead a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags in retail shopping in Dubai. This was line with the vision of HRH Sheikh Mohammed’s decision to introduce innovative strategies to address global environmental issues.

The highlight of the campaign was a dynamic workshop conducted by IAHV for the heads and representatives of all the big malls and retail stores in Dubai where participants were introduced to state of art research information on the impact of plastics not just on environment and animal life, but directly on human life resulting in chronic illness that have become epidemics today.

A powerful outcome of this workshop was that the Dubai Municipality announced a ‘Green Store’ Award to stores that would promote the use of alternative materials like jute, cloth or paper bags for shopping.

IAHV conducted campaigns on a smaller scale in schools, organisations and in malls educating the public on the use of alternative materials while shopping.