Yogathon 2013


Dubai witnessed a unique yoga event “Wake Up & Shake Up” with Swami Jyothirmaya, who in his own style mesmerised 800+ people. The biggest AOL event ever happened in the Middle East was organized at the most prestigious venue of Dubai, the World Trade Centre.

Swami Jyothirmaya brought “Wake up & Shake up” to Dubai after several successful episodes in different European countries.  Intended as a celebrative event to commemorate the 30th anniversary celebration of Art of Living which commenced in Berlin in the first week of July 2011, the event gave a glimpse of what is in store in Art of Living for people having desire to find peace and happiness and discover the purpose and meaning of Life.

Graceful presence of Swamiji and charisma of Johannes gave a perfect combination of the Art of Living, which has reach across the globe. The session started with some light stretches and yoga postures interlaced with some secrets of breath and life followed by meditation, games, dance and fun.  Day 2 included yoga postures and animal-like stretches, which gave an insight into Yoga coupled with infinite laughter and fun.  Participants – a cross section of several nationalities - experienced the simplicity yet the power of Yoga and meditation.  A number of participants thanked Swamiji and volunteers for facilitating such a soothing and relaxing event and expressed eagerness to take up other Art of Living programs. 

Teachers and Volunteers joined together in organizing this massive event and the message of Art of Living reached to the whole of United Arab Emirates. The event was well supported by media coverage and has undoubtedly engraved the name of Art of Living on the map of Dubai.