To Meditate all Intentions
must be dropped!

A strong tendency to keep doing something whether important or unimportant becomes an impediment to meditation. 'Doing' starts first with an intention and then translates into action. Though intentions spring from being, it becomes “doing” and it does not let you settle down. All intentions, good or bad, important or trivial, needs to be dropped for meditation to happen!

Q – But isn't dropping all intentions itself an intention?

Ans- Yes, but that intention is necessary and it is the last of all. Dropping an intention is not an act. Just the intention to drop them itself serves the purpose. Dropping all intentions even for a moment brings you in touch with yourself, and in that instance meditation happens.

While your sit through meditation, you have to let the world be the way it is. The repetition of meditation is to habituate your system to stop, and start activity at will. The ability to consciously do this is a very precious skill.