Yoga - From The Eye
Of An Investor

“Mutual Funds are sub­ject to mar­ket risk. Please read the offer doc­u­ment care­fully before invest­ing”.

Aren’t we familiar with the above lines? The disclaimer which finds its place on all mutual fund policies, investment bonds, shares. This is not to discourage you from investing; it’s to make you understand where the fundamental of investments lies. You start somewhere with the fundamentals of investments and make a small start which gradually reaps you fruits in future. Keep an eagle’s eye on the market and you start tapping the market. Investment is all about wealth building. The wise used to consider health as one of the investment which urged them to come up with a proverb “health is wealth”. Yoga is a tool which can help you to invest your in health.

Yoga Tips On The Go For Those Long Hours:-

  1. Yoga for eyes: Long and constant
    staring at the monitors take a toil
    on your eyes. Try looking at a far
    sight object every 15-20 minutes. This
    would help exercise the eye muscles
    which would otherwise train to see near
    sighted objects.
  2. Bramhmri Pranayama: You need
    to have focus on your game. For
    a fraction of fluctuations on the
    index can be of benefit or loss to you.
    5-10 minutes of bramhmri pranayama can
    help you to focus better on
    the game.
  3. Back Stretches: Sitting for long hours
    in front of the computer means strain
    on the back. Including back stretches
    in your daily yoga practice not only
    strengthens back muscles but improves
    your postures too.
  4. Stretch yourself for better blood
    circulation: Stretching yourself
    activates the blood vessels and blood
    flow becomes easy. This prevents numbness
    in feet or in any part of
    the body otherwise.
  5. Alternate Nostril Breathing: 5-10
    rounds of this pranayama relax the
    nervous system after a tedious day at work.
  6. Meditation complements the
    pranayama in relaxing the overworked and
    tired mind.

Everyone is becoming aware about yoga and its offerings. People have started realizing the importance of yoga.In both the fields the best practice is to start young. Autobiographies of great investors suggest that they started young. Autobiographies of yogis suggest they started young too. Both the practices need to have strong fundamentals to grow as change is the only permanent thing in this world. One helps to achieve things which matter in our daily life whereas the other helps you to reduce the list of things that matter in our daily life. End result – Savings. The list of similarities would go on because they both are so very closely connected and part of our day to day life. Here I try to put down a few observations which are useful whether you are at a stock exchange or at your yoga studio.

Strong Fundamentals:

Everyone learns the hard way. The wise are those who learn from other’s mistakes. If the fundamentals are strong the chances of you falling into a trap or injuring yourself are very less. Knowing when to enter into a script or exiting from the script is synonymous to getting in and out of yoga pose or holding the yoga pose. Doing your good research on the scripts which you would like to buy and not going by anyone’s ear will help you on the longer run. Similarly, doing yoga poses with proper understanding, the pros and cons of the poses will keep injuries away and strengthening your body at the same time.

The human tendency is to take risk. Taking calculated risks is a sign of growth in the field of investments. Similarly, in the yoga poses, there is always a risk of pain if you stretch beyond your capacity. So an awareness of how much to stretch is a sign of growth in yoga. But you find out that taking that risk in yoga, you were able to get in to the pose quite easily than before. This happens after few days of you practicing any difficult yoga pose. End result is that you took the risk to go into the difficult yoga pose on first time and over a period of time you started getting into the pose comfortably. Had not you taken the risk of taking a difficult pose, the chances are that you won’t have explored thedifferent yoga poses.

Patience Pays:

A lot of patience is required in both fields. You don’t expect your investments to grow overnight. Do you? You experience sweaty palms when the index shows elements of mercury. A wise investor knows that these are the fluctuations or bubbles in the market and he is not bothered by them. This is where his patience pays. Things are no different for yogis. For the yoga practices too, one needs to be patient enough for getting the fruitful results and not be bothered by not getting the results at early stages. As yoga is a practice which gives results over a period of time and not immediately. Both fields test your patience to bring out the good out of you.

Fine Tuning The Process And Narrowing The Gaps:

Over a longer period of time when you are known as “bear or bull” by your circle in the stock exchange, you start fine tuning your stocks and keep expanding or contracting your portfolio identifying, keeping track of your stocks. Selling a script which you think has reached its high point or buying a script which looks like a sure-shot for future. When you are at your yoga practice, you tend to make a list of all the yoga poses you do for the back, for your legs, knees, for the heart and then you start fine tuning your poses to perfection. For what you deserve is nothing less than the best.

“Yoga benefits are sub­ject to your own risk. Please start investing in yoga today”.