Day 3: March 13, 2016

Cosmic Rhythm

Country of Origin: Global
No .of artists: 4600

Cosmic Rhythm was a special dance drama of 30 dance forms that explored the journey of a seeker to find divinity, with the grace of the Master.

Rabindra Sangeet

Country of Origin: India
No. of artists: 1000

Composed by the Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore, Rabindra Sangeet celebrated the bounty of Spring.

Nepali Dance

Country of Origin: Nepal
No.of artists: 125

Representing Nepal’s diverse tribal and social groups, the Nepali dance showcased four different dance styles set to melodious Himalayan folk tunes.

Cheer Dance

Country of Origin: Japan
No.of artists: 138

138 artists from Japan performed a wonderful combination of highly spirited acrobatics and cheerleading.


Country of Origin: Argentina
No.of artists: 148

The dance form of Tango vividly expresses passion and emotions. Though originally from Spain, this performance came from the South American nation of Argentina.


Country of Origin: Mongolia
No.of artists: 125

Representing the Mongolian herder’s everyday lifestyle, Biyelgee is usually performed during community events such as feasts, celebrations and weddings.


Country of Origin: India
No.of artists: 1050

Kuchipudi is a unique blend of grace and vigor that has its roots in Andhra Pradesh, India. This performance was in praise of Lord Shiva.

Kandyan Dance

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
No.of artists: 75

The drums used in Sri Lanka’s classical Kandyan dances are called Magul Bera and are distinguished by frequent and sudden changes of tempo.


Country of Origin: India
No.of artists: 1350

One of the most authentic folk dances of Rajasthan, India, Ghoomar literally means pirouetting and is usually performed by women.

Contemporary Sufi

Country of Origin: Pakistan
No.of artists: 50

The Punk Sufi performance from Pakistan was an expression of gratitude to the Sufi saints.

Hip Hop

Country of Origin: USA
No.of artists: 90

Hip Hop was born to unite and demarginalize outcast youth in America with values of peace and love. Over 90 artists from USA performed the rap song called Make Noise for Peace.

Bihu Dance

Country of Origin: India
No .of artists: 452

The folk dance of Bihu comes from Assam, India and is linked to the agricultural cycle. This performance included a fusion of sowing and harvesting.

Grand Orchestra - Raag Bhairav

Country of Origin: India
No. of artists: 8,500

The Grand Orchestra was composed in eight traditional Indian ragas or melodies and comprised of 8,500 artists playing 50 musical instruments.