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Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“Difficulties do come in life, but to overcome difficulties, one needs to be strong, and strength comes only through knowledge and wisdom.”

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Ancient scriptures and modern science complement each other in several ways. A comprehensive understanding of the two can open up another dimension of this life.

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Healthy living

A strong mind can carry a weak body, but a weak mind cannot carry a strong body. Know how mind management is key to healthy living.

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Negative emotions take us away from our true Self, that is joy. Decode how to control negative emotions in life with skill and wisdom.

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Spirituality is keeping your spirit alive with enthusiasm, innocence, and naturalness. Dive deep into the source of your being with spirituality - the essence of life.

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Everything we do in life is directed towards happiness, and the greatest happiness is reposing in the being. Learn how to make the most of your life.

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Love & relationships

When you love somebody unconditionally, do not express it all at once. Know many such secrets to handle and harmonize love and relationships.

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Human values

A life without human values is not truly a prosperous one. Enhance the virtues with profound and practical life skills.

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Leadership & success

An undying smile, a confidence that cannot be shaken and a fearless attitude are signs of success. Discover many such mantras for effective leadership and success.

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Revived Ancient Wisdom with Practical Applications for Modern Life.

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