Yoga Sutras

A set of aphorisms that elaborates on the science. ate and philosophy that is yoga.

What are Yoga Sutras?

Sometimes it is not just physical illness, but mental and emotional illness too that needs to be dealt with. Anger, lust, greed, jealousy etc. How does one get rid of all these impurities? What is the formula? Vishnu was lying on the bed of snakes — the serpent Adishésha with a 1,000 heads. When the Rishis approached Him, He gave them Adishésha (the symbol of awareness), who took birth in the world as Maharishi Patanjali. Hence Patanjali came to this earth to give this knowledge of yoga which came to be known as the Yoga Sutras.

Commentary by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sutra is a sanskrit word which literally means a rope or thread that holds things together and more metaphorically refers to an aphorism (or line, rule, formula). Guided by a single thread of nylon, amidst the wind a kite can glide and soar to amazing heights.

The Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali are life's threads, each one pregnant with knowledge, tools & techniques, that can be used to guide, not only the mind but one's very being to it's full potential. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar unveils each sutra making each one applicable, amidst a 21st century lifestyle.


“The secret to health and happiness lies deep within every human. Yoga is the science of discovering one's own self - the very source of pure consciousness, peace and bliss.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
“The fire of love or fire of knowledge creates unpleasantness or a sense of longing in the beginning, but it moves on to the blossoming of bliss, the blossoming of fullness.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
“Your desire for pleasure or happiness makes you unhappy.” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Yoga Sutras Wisdom Groups

There is a great benefit to watching the Yoga Sutras in person with a group. Through the group sharing the meaning of the knowledge unfolds and can be looked at through multiple viewpoints. There are 6 DVDs in the series, with one video per week, giving time for integration and reflection. During each knowledge session you will watch a video talk and there will be a discussion of the knowledge with the group. You will have fun and get to know the other participants.