Sri Sri Yoga

In Sri Sri Yoga, the techniques of Yoga are taught in a light, joyful and thorough manner – equally useful and suitable for different levels of Yoga students, from beginners to advanced.

Sri Sri Yoga beautifully combines all the following aspects –

  • Yoga Asanas/Postures – for the well-being of the body and mind (Hatha Yoga)
  • Pranayama – to awaken the kundalini & regulating the flow of prana (Kundalini Yoga)
  • Meditation – to nurture the mind and spirit (Raja Yoga)
  • Knowledge – practical wisdom to deal with the challenges of daily life (Gyan Yoga)
  • Satsang – singing and celebrating (Bhakti Yoga)
  • Seva – an opportunity to get involved in service projects (Karma Yoga)

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