Why should you choose
village yoga

Yoga is said to be the union of the body, mind and the breath. Though there are a prescribed set of asanas that take you through that journey - the principles of yoga can be applied across any activity and any situation.

“Yoga is not just exercise and asanas. It is the emotional integration and spiritual elevation with a touch of mystic element, which gives you a glimpse of something beyond all imagination.”

~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

For instance: mimicking the everyday work of a villager from rural India. Activities like filling water from a well, grinding grain or tilling the earth stretches their arms and waist as they breathe accordingly in rhythm. Not only is the green environment conducive to wellness, the chores the average village woman performs in her home or the farmer performs manually in the fields keeps them fit physically.

A day in the life of a villager is a lesson in yogic postures for every yoga enthusiast. You could change your daily yoga routine and try some village yoga instead. Though this could sound simple and perhaps very easy, try doing some of the postures repeatedly for a few minutes. You will definitely know better!

These simple village yoga asanas have many benefits. These postures are simple enough for anyone to do them. Though the complexity level is low, these postures are extremely effective:  

  1. A complete body workout, the postures stretch the muscles and flex the body.

  2. The poses are good extensions for the arms and the hamstrings. e.g.: simple action like washing clothes is a great arm workout while squatting to milk the cow does wonders for the hamstrings.

  3. Like all yoga asanas, this set also serves to calm the mind and bring it to the present.

You could follow this village yoga sequence

Some of the postures you could try

  1. Sweeping with a broomstick / mopping the floor

  2. Grinding wheat in a stone flour mill

  3. Washing clothes with your hands

  4. Pulling a bucket of water from the well

  5. Sowing seeds in a field

  6. Tending to the cow and milking it

  7. Churning buttermilk

There are some things you could do to deepen your experience

Bring your complete awareness to your breath, observe its rhythm and try matching it with the action you’re doing.

  1. Cultivate total body awareness, pay attention to the set of muscles that are being used in the action. Is your arm flexing? Is there some strain on your lower back? Are you feeling a pull in your hamstrings?

  2. Drop your judgements about the posture. It doesn’t matter how the posture is looking. What is more important is the change happening inside of you.  

  3. Do village yoga in a group, if possible. It’s more fun and energetic that way.

  4. Remember to complete the sequence with some breath work and meditation.

Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits. Yet, it is not a substitute for medicine. It is important to learn and practice yoga postures under the supervision of a trained Sri Sri Yoga teacher. In the case of any medical condition, practice yoga postures after consulting a doctor and a Sri Sri Yoga teacher. Find a Sri Sri Yoga Program at an Art of Living Center near you. Do you need information on programs or share feedback? Write to us at