A Yogi’s Wish List
This Christmas

Although enlightenment tops the wish list of a yogi, you might not be able to gift it. Nevertheless, try something materialistic. We bring you top 7 Christmas gift ideas for your yogi friend.

Who doesn’t like gifts? Especially on Christmas! This year, let your loved ones rediscover the oft-lost joy of surprise gifts.And if they are yoga practitioners, they will only be too happy to receive gifts related to their practice. After all, good health is a lifelong gift to keep, isn’t it? For your yogi friend, you can have a wide choice of gift ideas. Let’s look at the top 7 Christmas gifts for a yogi:

  • Yoga mat: Aladdin had his magic carpet to go with him always, so why should your loved ones stay away from it? A yoga mat for your mate who is into yoga.A yogi’s basic necessity which tops his checklist too. These mats come in various colors and prints. Make sure to pick one which would give good cushion and support on hard surfaces. Also, a personalized message on the mat or your loved ones’ name initials inked on it would surely bring a smile on their face.
  • Yoga wear: What to wear and what not to is a tough choice not just during parties but even otherwise too. And yogis are not far from this dilemma. Yoga bottoms, tops and footwear are next on our list of gifts for yogis. Ensuring a good fit and comfort would surely make your friend’s jawline drop out of excitement. Let’s look closely into what’s in vogue this season:
    • a) Yoga pants – They have been selling off like hot cakes since a few years now and almost all brands have their line of yoga pants. Go ahead and pick one of those which you feel your friend would be comfortable in.
    • b) Yoga tops – You will find a wide variety - short or long tops, tank tops, T-shirts with yoga slogans which encourage one to go an extra mile to achieve a perfect yoga pose. If your yogi friend is more into headstands and head down-legs up poses, make sure you present them with tops that have a good fit.
  • Water bottle: An absolute necessity, for yogis always need to keep themselves hydrated during and after yoga practice. A simple yet extremely useful gift for your friend and you are sure to find bottles in all shapes, sizes and colors. All you need to know is your friend’s choice. You would always stay on their mind whenever they take a sip. You cannot go wrong with this one.
  • Yoga music: Music has always been a part and parcel of our life. We have music for every occasion: from birth to death, from lullaby to prayers and hymns for the departed soul. Most people turn their radios on while going to work and on the way back.
    Yogis are no different. Most of them like to accompany their practice with some kind of music. Do a quick research on the kind of music your yogi is fond of when on the yoga mat. It may range from heart-thumping trance to sounds of nature or light instrumental music which can help lead them to meditation.
  • Yoga bag: Your friend would surely need a bag to keep all the above items. So look out for one which can hold everything they need to head to a yoga studio or class. Yogis tend to have a soft corner for organic products. An organic yoga tote bag can be a good choice.
  • Soothing massage: Touch, sense, sweet smell of the oils, candles which when lit spread fragrance along with a dim glow in the corner somewhere, soft and soufflé skin, fresh glow, relaxed nerves: they are not mere words or phrases but pieces of a puzzle which when put together reflect an experience. An experience called a soothing massage. Gifting a massage at a good spa to your yogi friend can be a good option. Always!
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras: To a yoga practitioner, this book is what the Bible is to Christians, the Bhagawad Gita is to Hindus and the Quran is to Muslims. It’s not just a book but a foundation for yogis. Make sure to have checked with your friend before gifting it to them as chances are high of them already having a copy!

By Pranav Desai

(Pranav is a shopaholic and sometimes likes to write for himself. He recommends all gifts from his personal experience).