Sideways Bending
Using Both Arms

How to do Konasana 2

  • Stand with feet about 2-feet apart. Balance weight equally on feet.
  • Breathing in, raise your arms overhead and join the palms together, interlacing the fingers to form a steeple position. Keep the arms touching the ears.
  • Breathing out, bend to the right. Focus on straightening the elbows, pressing feet firmly into the ground and moving the pelvis to the left.
  • Hold. Feel the stretch on the side, relax in this posture. Inhale, exhale deep gentle breaths
  • Breathing in, return to standing position.
  • Breathing out, bring the arms down.
  • Repeat bending to the other side.




Benefits of the Konasana 2

  • Stretches the sides of the body and the spine.
  • Tones the arms, legs, and abdominal organs.


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FAQ's on Konasana 2