Ayurvedic Cooking

Food the natural healer

How does food influence the making of a fit body, good health, excellent stamina, lightness in the body, and calmness of the mind?

Discover that by experiencing Ayurvedic cooking and its benefits!

Ayurvedic cooking is a quick, effortless technique of cooking food that retains the life in the food, with a unique fresh taste and texture. The food satisfies the five senses and satiates hunger while allowing the mind and body to experience natural lightness and calmness. The food retains the nutrition and natural flavors present in your every day ingredients. There is no special ingredient and it utilizes your modern kitchen with minimum works.

The course is build on the salient principles of ancient Ayurveda nutrition that includes healing, prevention and health care along with optimized use of modern day nutrition and dietary requirements. It dwells on the basics of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic nutrition, and eating the right type of food at the right time based on individual body types.  Ayurveda does not recommend any type of dieting, or skipping of meals. Rather, it encourages a wholesome, timely meal that will naturally reduce excess body weight or build mass in the right way for those who need, without any special effort.

You are what you eat!

The attributes of your body and mind are tightly associated with the food you consume. The three attributes are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Sattva mind displays clarity, harmony and balance brought by consuming fresh raw or  cooked food. Rajas mind is active and restless, experienced by spicy and rich food. Tamas mind is dull, leading to inaction and depression, observed on consuming stale food, meat in any form, and alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. While you may continue to eat all types of food, the course provides awareness on the influence of food on mind. The course dwells on techniques to retain  Satvva.

Know your body type/constitution with food recommendation!

Ayurveda provides for personalized food for individual healing processes  and body constitutions. This course discusses how you can identify body type  and teaches appropriate cooking methods, and food that enhances health and well being.

Eating your way to happiness!

Most diseases are a result of inadequate food or not having food in a proper manner. Eating healthy food that is not tasty is not good. It is important to eat  food that appeals to all your senses; your love for the food aids in it having a positive impact. Apart from ensuring healthy ingredients, cooked to retain the positive attributes, it is important for the food to look, feel, smell and taste good. On completing this course you will not only enjoy cooking but on relishing the food you will find that you and your family will feel infused with health, enthusiasm, energy, and deep inner tranquility.

Course duration:  6 days,  2 hours each

If you wish to enquire about Ayurvedic Cooking courses, mail to ayurvediccooking@vvmvp.org.