Price list

Massage therapies:

Additional relaxation after massages for 10-15 min.  


Abhyanga or Uzhichil (+ wiping of hot towels) 65-70 min.                 33 EUR

Ayurvedic massage of third eye area


Shirodhara (1l. of Sesame oil included) 65-70 min.                            39 EUR

Oil massage of the head and third eye area


Udwartana 120 min.                                                                         43 EUR

Rejuvenating therapy for face and whole body


Marma 65-70 min.                                                                             31 EUR

The whole body energetical points massage



For deeper effect 7-days massage course is recommended. 


Additional discounts^

        - If you register and pay at once for 3 massages - discount 10%

        - If you register and pay at once for 7 massages - discount 15%


Enjoy beauty, health and harmony!