Sudarshan Kriya - FAQ

Q: What happened in those 10 days in Shimoga?
Gurudev: I just wanted to be in silence. There was an urge to do, to give something to the people. After 10 days, it happened.
Q: Was there a breakthrough, an actual experience of enlightenment?
Gurudev: No, no. When you're quiet and you start writing a poem, that's how I started teaching. Then it spread by word of mouth.
Q: I joined the ‘Art of Living’ in the beginning of this year and my health improved. I feel much better doing the exercises. I was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and treated myself with good results.
Gurudev: Research has shown that we have 300 genes in the body, we have 300 DNA genes in the body which are responsible for heart problem, cancer, diabetes and all this, and when we do Sudarshan Kriya and pranayama, this suppresses those genes from being active. I read in an article that a hospital in New York, they have asked the patients to chant ‘OM’. They’ll make you chant ‘OM’, make you relax and do some meditation before they treat anybody for heart problem.
Q: How does Sudarshan Kriya help in curing illnesses?
Gurudev: Sudarshan Kriya helps in preventing many illnesses. A professor who is working on genes in Oslo University, Norway says that there are 300 chromosomes which are responsible for hypertension, cancer etc. And pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya suppress these 300 chromosomes. So, if one keeps practicing these techniques there is less and less chance for getting these illnesses.
Q: What is the difference between yoga and Sudarshan Kriya?
Gurudev: Unfortunately, yoga is considered as just the physical exercises. It is just a beginning, physical exercise is just one part of it. But, then comes the breath and the mind. Tapping the inner source of energy is important. Yoga is never complete without meditation. Sudarshan Kriya takes you to the deepest meditation where body, mind and breath comes in the rhythm connecting to the source of life deep within.
Q: Do you ever get angry? What is the solution to anger?
Gurudev: This is a very important question. In the 55 years of my life, I have never said a harsh word. I could not do it. The worst I have ever said is, “You stupid.” Sometimes I want to show anger and people don’t believe me. That is my problem. Things work better with some anger. Anger is good if you are aware of it. It should last only as long as a line drawn on a water surface lasts. Some carry over anger from the previous day, previous month, or ten years ago. The mind suffers. Get out of anger, frustration, jealousy and greed. Meditation will help. Pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya and yoga are the answers.