The 5 Types of People

Mon, 23/04/2018 Bangalore, India

If you take any society, you will find 5 types of people there:

  1. Those who are fun-loving and full of enthusiasm. They don’t mind any obstacles. They dare obstacles and get things done. This is the first type.
  2. People who just maintain things. They’re not go-getters, they’re not innovators, they’re not risk-takers, but they just maintain thing as they are. They take measured steps and move very careful. They are usually conventional and traditional.
  3. People who want to bring transformation – who are drastic, rebellious, and want to completely change things. They’re good at demolishing things.
  4. People who are brilliant. They are sharp; they have great ideas and are very creative.
  5. People who bring everyone together. They have a lot of compassion. Wherever there is a problem, they go and cement the gaps, solve the problems, and bring people together – creating a sense of belongingness. They are a sort of peacemakers.

These are the five different types of people in every society in the world. The fifth type, who bring everyone together, are usually women. They are compassionate and have deeper understanding. Whenever something erupts, she goes and calms things down and brings people together. That’s the reason I always say that working towards prosperity and education is a woman’s role.

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The 5 Attributes of the Divine

Among the Devas too there are the five kinds, called panchayatam.
Panchayatam refers to the five different forms of Gods. There is only one God, but in that one God, it refers to the five different forms or attributes.

  1. Ganesha (first deva or attribute) – fun-loving, remover of obstacles, and full of enthusiasm. There are people who have these attributes. Everywhere in every society, you’ll find at least one such person.
  2. Vishnu (second deva or attribute) – just maintaining things, not very creative.
  3. Shiva (third deva or attribute) – one who is like a bull in a China shop, they just charge in and do drastic things. Bringing transformation is their job. Whatever states of affairs are there, they demolish those and leave space for new things.
  4. Surya (fourth deva or attribute) – very sharp, intelligent, creative type of people.
  5. Devi (fifth deva or attribute) – the feminine energy. Solving things and bringing everyone together.

If you look back and see, you will find that these five different tendencies have come forth at different points of your life. Usually, when you’re young you’re very enthusiastic, and then as you grow a little older you have rebellious tendencies. You want to change things and all that. When you get older, you just want to lie down and rest. You come into the Vishnu mode. So, most people have these three modes.

A Master (Guru) has all these five qualities at once, and so we chant, "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara".


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