Corporate Culture & Spirituality 2015

The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, India
31st of Jan 2015 to 1st of Feb 2015

Corporate Culture and Spirituality 2015 aims at promoting ethical business practices through constructive dialogue with industry leaders.

The Art of Living and the World Forum for Ethics in Business brings forth the Corporate Culture & Spirituality Conference (CCS) 2015. The conference is an annual event, where leaders from the fields of business, governance, academia, civil society and faith-based organizations come together to engage in dialogue and network to explore ethical ways of doing business and maximizing profit.

The conference provides a platform to discuss how a business objective can be met keeping the larger social good in mind. We understand the importance of enhancing social values, but we need to learn how to actualize this. Here is an opportunity to share perspectives to enhance and harness the human potential.

The genesis of the conference took place in 2003 at the Art of Living International Center in Bangalore, India and after successful editions at the European Parliament in Brussels and in Singapore; this is the eleventh edition in the series.

CCS 2015 will feature illustrious industry leaders speak on topics such as:

List of Speakers at CCS 2015

  • Mr. D Sundaram
    VP & Managing Director, TVS Capital Funds Limited
  • Mr. Deepak Parekh
    Chairman, HDFC
  • Mr. D Shivakumar
    CEO-PepsiCo, India
  • Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman
    Minister of State for Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs
  • Shri Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala
    Governor, Govt. of Karnataka
  • Corporate Shared Value

Can instilling societal values add greater economic value to business and to the nation at large? How?

A myopic view of business on immediate profits or self-centered advantage over the larger interests of the public has resulted in missed opportunities for value creation and contracted strategic thinking. As predicted, there has been a slow organic growth with very little innovation. The non-inclusiveness of social good for the community has also resulted in an enforced CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy by the Indian government. A shift in perspective to Corporate Shared Value can secure a win-win situation for all the stakeholders i.e. the community, the business and the policy makers.

  • Unleashing the Human Potential

Unfolding of innovative methods for discovery of latent abilities

A human being’s potential is a marvel and its drivers are not always easy to fathom. Therefore, identifying and understanding the potential and putting it to meet business ends entails building an environment for it to prevail and grow. How do you marry the self-actualization needs of an individual and the business goals to be achieved? What are the drivers of organic growth in a company? How do we facilitate the prevalence of such an environment in an organization? What are the various ways to unleash this latent potential? The session aims to discuss and arrive at solutions to unleash the human potential.

  • Entrepreneurship Redefined:  Social Impact, Collaboration, Innovation and Growth

Will a perspective of innovation, collaboration and social good give the Indian entrepreneur the differentiator and propel his growth in the global market?

An entrepreneur deals with challenges in terms of understanding markets, packaging the product according to his audience, marketing it in the face of inflexible framework of policies set by the government. Will a perspective on the larger social good lead to more innovative and customized products? Who is the real competitor in a global economy? Will collaboration amongst industry players place India as the chosen and trusted manufacturer of quality goods? Will such an outlook propel a speed of growth unheard of in the past? How can the same be achieved?

  • Business through Non-Linear Thinking

Can spirituality provide the necessary fuel for non-linear thinking?

Popular charismatic leaders have an ear to the ground and allow non-linear thinking to prevail across the rungs in an organization. This approach ensures ownership of ideas and accountability for performance amongst employees. This session discusses the scope and success of non-linear thinking, role of spirituality in enhancing the intelligence and intuition factor, and the drivers for non-linear thinking that aids business growth.

Sri Sri Leadership Awards

The Art of Living in association with the World Forum for Ethics in Business invites nominations for Sri Sri Leadership Awards, in the categories of “Outstanding Individual” and “Outstanding Corporation”. To know more, please visit Sri Sri Leadership Awards.