"The past years have been very challenging in the world scenario. We have seen a number of agitations flaring up almost everywhere. It is easy to create an agitation in today’s society. The frustration & stress levels are high. Any just cause can flare up emotions and get people onto the streets.

However, it is a much more challenging and skillful task to create inner peace and have people stand up in a peaceful, non-violent and happy mode to work towards collective, constructive action.

The Art of Living has made a humble effort all over the world where millions of people have stood up for change in this direction. Today, I am happy that people are embracing meditation as well as acknowledging the role of inner peace in nation building."

- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Since its inception in 1981, The Art of Living’s founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been engaged in a peace mission. Here, in The Art of Living Foundation, spirituality gives strength and responsibility to serve society. The passion and energy stem from the realisation of the need for peace around the world. The force is driven by Gurudev's vision of a stress-free and violence-free world and hence the urgent need for an Action for Peace.

War or any other kind of disaster leaves behind a population that is constantly living in fear, anxiety and a sense of betrayal. There is an intense feeling of hatred and revenge inside them. The Art of Living Foundation, in its pursuit of Action for Peace, conducts special courses to release all these stresses and view life with a fresh, rejuvenated perspective. The perpetrators and victims are both treated with equal compassion. Action for Peace aims to bring people from diverse backgrounds to live together in harmony.

Gurudev - Peace Mediator

Gurudev has played the role of a peace mediator for countries in a deadlock. By bringing together conflicting parties on the negotiating table, these have defused violent situations. The Art of Living Foundation also brings together people of different faiths and cultures, to promote inter-faith harmony.Read more 

Trauma Relief

“Stress and tension are the root cause of violence,” says Gurudev. When stress is released from the system, peace results in the mind and human values such as cooperation, responsibility, friendliness and a sense of belongingness naturally develop.

This understanding galvanizes our trauma relief workshops in times of disasters and war. War victims experience removal of fear, anxiety and betrayal. As a sense of inner peace prevails, feelings of hatred and revenge towards the perpetrators of violence are removed. Special courses are also held for perpetrators of violence, so that they view society from a larger vision. This has transformed terrorists and militants who have given up the path of violence.Read more

Sustainable Peace

The Art of Living Foundation promotes a sense of belongingness among thousands of people across the globe. This has brought together people of diverse backgrounds, reduced prejudices and created harmonious understanding between people of different nations.