The Shakti Kriya Program is a 2-day non-residential program, 2 hours per day, that allows you to experience the powerful Shakti Kriya – a profound spiritual and purifying technique that works with rhythms in the body, unlike the Sudarshan Kriya that harnesses the power of the rhythms in the breath. One learns more about the Shakti Chakras or energy centers in our subtle body, and also how they relate to the five elements, different types of sounds, etc. The program also contains profound meditations. This program is an advanced level program, and those who have completed at least one Advanced Meditation Program are eligible to register for this program.


What is Shakti Kriya?

Shakti Kriya is a purifying yogic technique that allows one to connect with and tap into the vast reserve of energy that lies dormant within us, known as ‘prana’ or ‘kundalini shakti’, the ‘life-force energy’. This technique has profound purifying effects on the nervous system and our subtle body, and it can also help one to further one’s Sudarshan Kriya and meditation practice. Many people often wonder, how can I be more effective? Where can I get more energy to do all the things I want do in a day effectively? The Shakti Kriya allows one to become familiar with and tap into the source of energy that we all carry within us. For example, there is an enormous amount of energy in a single atom, but only when it can be harnessed is it useful. Shakti Kriya allows one to harness the enormous amount of energy that lies dormant within us.

How is it different from Sudarshan Kriya?

Shakti Kriya is not similar to Sudarshan Kriya; it is a different technique altogether. In Sudarshan Kriya, the breath is used to access an inner rhythm and tap into an inner energy. However, in Shakti Kriya we use the whole body to get in touch with the deeper innate rhythm within us. The Shakti Kriya helps us to rejuvenate our home practises and dive deeper into the self.



In addition to completing one Art of Living Silence Course and one Art of Living Happiness Program, Shakti Kriya participants must be in good physical health, as Shakti Kriya is a physically demanding process. Medical conditions listed below, but not limited to, may not be conducive to do Shakti Kriya. Those with certain medical conditions may not be able to do Shakti Kriya. Medical conditions listed below, but not limited to, may not be conducive to do Shakti Kriya.

  • Surgery in the last six months
  • High Blood pressure
  • Knee, spine or back problems
  • If you are under the care of a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist
  • Expecting mothers
  • Women on the menstrual cycle

All participants are required to clear a health screening before participating in Shakti Kriya. Please find the link for mandatory health screen google form in the notes section. Please complete the form at the time of online registration.


  • 1x Art of Breathing course (also known as Art of Living Course/ Happiness Program) or Yes!+ Course (also known as SKY course)
  • 1x Art of Silence Course

Participation requires attending all sessions. If you miss a session, you will not be able to continue with the Program and no refunds will be provided.

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