Art of Living Subscription

With our subscription you can participate in the short SKY online every day. (Sudarshan Kriya) follow-up (in the voice of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). We all know that strong lungs are now essential and during the course you experienced that your breath is a very strong tool to blow away your worries and fears.

Okay, good idea that subscription! But how does it work practically? At the cost of only € 29.50 per month you can participate in all our online activities that take place at several times a day. In this way, you also support our Foundation and the services we offer!


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Follow all sessions in the Netherlands for only € 29.50 a month

Subscription Access

A page that shows all Art of Living activities is available to all who are subscribed.

You'll recieve a personal code after subscribing that guarantees you access to the right zoom meeting for every online session.

Follow as much as you want in the Netherlands for only 29.50 euros per month. The subscription applies for a minimum duration of 6 months and can then be canceled per month.

Daily breathing sessions

A fresh start of the day with the breathing exercises led by a teacher. Once you have registered you will get the Zoom link.

Group SKY breathing sessions

Several times a week you can recharge following the SKY breathing with the voice of Sri Sri led by a teacher.

Mantra chanting

'Satsang' is singing sanskrit songs, it creates balance between your left and right brain. Click on the image for the agenda

Meditation & knowledge sessions

Under the guidance of a teacher, dive into the Vedic scriptures for ancient wisdom. Click on the image for the agenda.