Meditation and The Memory

Meditation And The Memory

Memory can make you either sad or enlightened. Meditation can bring that shift in your memory – to let go of the trivial, and to recognize your infinite nature.

Holding On To The Limited & Trivial

How often is our mind churning with unpleasant memories:

  • "He said this and that"
  • "She was so arrogant"
  • "They did this to me"

Remembering such trivial things - is living with ignorance.

The causes for ignorance and mental bondage are:

  • Memory of events
  • Limited and trivial experiences
  • Forgetting the infinity

How To Resolve Lack & Overcome Painful Memories

  • Understand clearly that everything in the world is impermanent
  • Understand that past events are no more real and accept those events
  • Have dispassion and be centered
  • Increase your prana through meditation and pranayams
  • Remember your Self, and be in service of the noble-minded

From Meek To Brave: From Beggar To Commander

With meditation, when you regain the memory of "Who I am":

  • All your meekness will disappear
  • You will walk with high spirits
  • You feel you are God's child, and the whole world is there for you
  • You realize you are the child of immortality, and have no end (Amruthasya putra)
  • Genuine bravery will arise in you: This arises the moment you are in the presence of a Guru

Once there was a beggar, who would go around begging for money from people. He belonged to the royal family, and for some reason he had forgotten that he was the prince.

One day, one of the king's soldiers found the prince, and reminded him of his former state. He told him, "You are a prince. The king is looking for you."

The moment the prince got back the memory of himself; his actions, mannerisms, way of walking, talking, thinking and behavior underwent a rapid transformation.

The same person who would beg for a cup of tea - became a commander instantaneously, and had the bravery to question people.

Expand Into Infinity - With Meditation

  • Memory of your Self liberates you
  • Memory of past events and worries of the world diminish in the infinity of the Self

When people get enlightened, they say, 'I remember.' They have remembered their true nature.

After listening to nearly 700 stanzas of the Bhagavad Gita, and after asking innumerable questions, Arjuna tells Lord Krishna, "Smritir labdva karishye vachanam tava", which means,

"I have remembered now. Now I have realized my true nature and will do as you say."

Arjuna does not thank Lord Krishna. This means that everything is there in your memory!

The infinity is hidden in every atom. Memory can give you enlightenment. Whatever you desire and whatever you need - whatever is right, necessary, and good will happen. This knowledge brings you peace and enthusiasm.

You only need to fine-tune your memory with meditation.