Yoga Workshop Comes
to an End Today

Hyderabad. December 24, 2011. A yoga workshop for addressing obesity, which began on 21st November concluded at Sri Sri Bhavan, Khairatabad today. Thirty-seven people took part in the workshop conducted by noted Ayurveda physician Dr. Patanjali Mishra of The Art of Living. The workshop included yoga postures, different kinds of pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditation along with an understanding of food.

The Sri Sri Yoga Course established clearly that correct practice of yoga, combined with right lifestyle, can restore the balance of the body, and help it regain its natural health. One of the participants, Neha Agarwal, reported feeling lighter and more active. “My reflexes are sharper, too!” she shared, adding that she had lost 2 kg during the 4-day Sri Sri Yoga Course. Chanda Agarwal, 56-years-old was equally happy: "With my heart condition and my diabetes, I never imagined that I would be able to do Sun Salutations, but thanks to Dr. Patanjali’s way of taking us through it, I am able to do four rounds with ease." Nilanjana Swaroop, another 56-year-old, shared that the breathing techniques had made her fit and she felt very active. Doing the yoga postures with the awareness of how it is affecting you and combining it with correct breathing had helped her. Ruchi Ganeriwal shared that the pain from her rheumatic arthritis had considerably reduced.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Patanjali completed another special workshop that focused on eye health. Prof. R. Kamala, Retd. Principal of Reddy College, said, “Every aspect of eye care was explained during the course. My eyes are feeling relaxed in 4-days, and there is assurance of a real cure, unlike in allopathy, where there is correction of defects with glasses etc.” “The pressure I use to feel in my eyes is gone,” said Diksha, who suffers from a thinning of the cornea. Added Prashanti, a 22-year old software engineer, “Just 20 minutes of these exercises are equal to spending 3 hours in a spa.” Yagya and Priya, a couple repeating the Sri Sri Yoga course, explained enthusiastically that they had found it very useful both times.

Dr. Patanjali will be consulting at different localities in the city over the next few days, as follows: Chandanagar (25th), Kothapet, Vidyanagar, Narayanguda and Tirumulgherry (29th). To consult him, call 9490752713.