Our Holistic Approach

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How We Work

The Art of Living transforms societies by instilling a vision, making role models, promoting a sense of community and giving people a voice.

The Art of Living—Projects Management Unit (PMU) is a special technical wing within The Art of Living that implements holistic solutions for social, economic and environmental issues. Our goal is to enable transformation by acting as intermediary between various resource providers and communities.These connections combined with our empowerment, accountability and sustainability models, enable a lasting impact towards our shared goals.

Empowerment Model

Our Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) transform ‘vulnerable’ young men and women into leaders in their communities. They become proactive ‘advocates’ for change and ‘owners’ of their challenges. We work with these empowered leaders toward complete development of their communities.

Accountability Model

We provide project accounts and activity reports at periodic intervals throughout the project. At our closing stage, we provide a final financial accountability report that identifies where and how the funds were used. During this stage, we also provide a post impact analysis report, which evaluates the impact of our guidance in the established project area to determine its effectiveness. This allows us to identify improvements needed to strengthen future projects.

Sustainability Model

Our empowered community leaders continue to be torchbearers for their community long after project timelines are over making our impact sustainable.

Our Project Areas









Featured Rural Transformation Service Projects

360 million people in India i.e. roughly 40 percent of rural households do not have access to electricity. A majority of these people rely on kerosene and other fuels to meet their lighting needs, which is hazardous to both their health and to the environment. Every year 2.2 million litres of kerosene is burned for lighting, emitting approximately 5.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Traditional fuel combustion, the primary source of indoor air pollution, causes between 300,000-400,000 deaths per year in India alone.

Initiated in 2012, The Art of Living’s vision to ‘Light a Million Homes’ is an on-going campaign inspiring individuals and corporate partners to work with us to bring clean and affordable lighting solutions to un-electrified homes and villages in India and in Nepal.

The Light a Home follows an integrated approach that combines multiple elements of rural transformation including building rural entrepreneurs. While there is still a journey to be completed, smiles are already lighting up thousands of faces as they begin to experience the benefits of this project.

Some highlights:

  • Assam: India’s largest solar battery charging station launched to power 287 houses on a remote island in Dibrugarh, Assam in December 2016. With women heading the implementation, the portable solution has been installed on a sandy island.
  • Arunachal Pradesh: 33 homes light up in the remote regions
  • Jammu & Kashmir: Two schools fully electrified after the 2014 floods
  • Tamil Nadu: A remote tribal settlement of Kodamban Kombai in the Nilgiri forest was electrified for the first time
  • Karnataka: Three remote villages on the border of Karnataka and Goa got electricity for the first time in their history
  • Maharashtra: Solar lamps provide portable electricity to nomadic laborers who are migrants and travel from place to place
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