Can 35973 artists fit on a 7-acre stage?

Er, um. Well, yes and no. Depends on how you look at it.

The World Culture Festival preparation stats are in, and they are jaw-droppingly incredible.

An estimated 3.5 million visitors are expected to attend the 11-13th March, 2016 event held to celebrate The Art of Living’s 35 years of service to humanity, spirituality and human values. Hundreds of achievers and celebrities from across the globe are set to share their experiences and their expertise from a 7-acre stage set in a 1000-acre venue in the heart of New Delhi. Thousands of volunteers are working endless man-hours preparing for the mammoth event. And we are hoping the 3.5 million will include you too!

And the 35,973 artistes? Spread over three days, these 35,973 scene-stealers have, over many months, auditioned for, orchestrated, rehearsed and fine-tuned their performances at locales all over the world.

And they are doing all this to enchant you with their music, and their dance, with their creativity and artistry, their stunning costumes and their repertoires which come from the pages of antiquity: Odissi, Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Bhangra, Garba, Ghoomar and many more. Each recital will see hundreds and even thousands dancers on the stage.

So too for the music –the feast of life – which will have hundreds of sitarists, Dhangari dhols (tribal drums), African drummers, among many others, playing on in their respective categories. It will be music to the years, too, because you are bound to talk compulsively about this extravaganza to your descendants, even.

And for those who like a bit of modernity on the side, thank you, there are hip hop performances from the U.S., and the Brazilian Samba. There is a grand orchestra symphony featuring 8500 musicians playing 40 types of instruments, and the list goes on and on.

This explains the 35,973 artistes, who will come on stage over three days, in a never-before and maybe-not-again (unless it is The Art of Living’s 40-years-of-service celebrations) procession of breathtaking artistry.

We at The Art of Living are waiting to welcome you to the celebrations. Come, celebrate life and celebrate living with 3.5 million members of our Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – One-World Family. So, guys, mark this on your calendar: 11th-13th March, 2016. See you there!

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