7 million minds to merge at the World Culture Festival

Appoint yourself as an ambassador – of peace!

Taking “group therapy” to unprecedented scale, melting national boundaries and erasing the line between the online-offline binary, we at the Art of Living are set to celebrate 35 years of service to humanity with the World Culture Festival (WCF). With 3.5 million minds set to congregate at the venue in New Delhi and another 3.5 million estimated to join through live webcast, WCF will be a historical event on every scale. We invite you to join in the celebrations and become an ambassador of world peace.

The epicenter of this mind-boggling event will be a 7-acre stage in New Delhi, and the person conducting it – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, spiritual leader, humanitarian and founder of The Art of Living.

When people from over 155 countries will be blissfully meditating, seeking to positively impact world peace, do you wish to synergize with us in spreading this beautiful message that all the peoples of this world can co-exist peacefully and in harmonious cooperation – while celebrating their diversity?

Gurudev explains the relevance of meditation to our divisive times: “When you are sitting with your eyes closed and meditating, you are not doing anything, yet the vibration that you are generating from within is changing the world.”

Bhanumathi Narasimhan, Director, Women Welfare and Child Care Programs, The Art of Living opines, “In the midst of the widespread terror in the world, it's important for all the good people to stand united, making the voice of peace louder and stronger. Global meditation will create a field of peaceful and positive vibrations spreading across the planet."

The WCF is a pioneering event, where spiritual leaders, politicians, business leaders, peacemakers, thought-leaders, artists and common people will unite to spread the message of global peace and of harmony in diversity. 35,973 artists will showcase their rich cultures in a dazzling pageant of dance, music and artistry.

The benefits of meditation are endorsed by people across demographics of age, social status, culture, nationalities, and religions as well. Listen to Michael Fischmann, author, on his daily tryst with meditation: “A deep experience of peace and serenity that I get with meditation sets my mind’s tone and mood for the entire day

Join the celebrations on ground in New Delhi or through live webcast from 11-13th March, 2016.

Click here for more information on how to participate.