12 Aug 2011 QA 3

Jai Gurudev! Bringing us here saying you will show Guruji, you are only showing yourself?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

To see Guruji means, when you sit and close your eyes, you can see Guruji. Guruji is within you. When the heart blossoms, that is Guru tatva. The heart that continues to remain in the blossomed state is Guru. That is why Guru tatva is that tatva (state) which has both love and peace in it. How can you get that? Not by looking outward, but by turning inward. That is what you are doing now (in the Art of Meditation course) with your eyes closed from morning till evening. ‘See your breath, nose, tongue,’ ... being said in different ways. You may feel, ‘Oh have I come for this, they have made me sit with closed eyes.’
In the olden days, when people would take the dead body for cremation, they would tell the children, a swami with eyes closed is going by. You may think, ‘these people are making us sit with our eyes closed and making us closed-eye swamis. Without any work they are making us sit with our eyes closed’, and the mind runs and thinks, ‘let's open the eyes and see these people and see those people. What are they doing?’
When you open your eyes and see, everyone else will be sitting happily and peacefully. Then, the thought comes to the mind, ‘they have all got peace, and only I didn't get it’. You might think, ‘my mind (manas) is constantly running.’
Many such thoughts that you like and dislike will arise, and it will go away on its own too. Sit peacefully and follow what you are asked to do in the guided meditations. As you continue to do all that you are told, after some time your mind will become peaceful. Is that happening? There must be difference between yesterday and today. If you compare morning and evening, then you will notice that your mind was more peaceful in the evening.