13 Nov 2011 - QA 1

Dearest Guruji, I fall in love with everything including myself whenever I come here and whenever I meet you.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

That is what it is all about - to fall in love with one's Self. And what is this Self? 'Who am I? I am not a tiny being bound in this body, I am magnanimous, omnipresent.

Lord Krishna also says the same, 'Avajaananti mam mudha', these foolish people think of me as this human body. I am not the body, I am the infinite consciousness; I am bliss.

Once we meet our Self, then life’s purpose has been achieved, that is all it is.

This is what it means to come close to the Guru. Guru is a mirror, a reflection to make you meet the Self. And there is no difference between you and me because we are all made up of one thing, one element and that is consciousness.

This is what Lord Buddha said and Krishna also said.

Do you know the meaning of the word 'Rama'?

In English they say 'rays' or 'radiance', this originated from the word 'Ra'.

'Ra' means light and 'ma' means within me. The light that is in my heart is 'Rama'. So the light in everyone's heart is 'Rama'. In every heart there is 'Rama', everywhere there is 'Rama'.

This is what Buddha said, 'Appa deepo bhava', be the light yourself. The inner beauty, the light is within you and this is sadhana.

Jesus also said the same thing, be childlike, you will then reach my father's heaven. He also said, 'there is no difference between me and my heavenly father.'

He also said washing the feet of his disciples, 'you are greater, even greater than me.’ A devotee is even greater than God; Jesus also said this.

So we find that all spiritual masters say the same thing, 'be connected in love, be happy, be at peace and embrace all as your own.'
This is the mantra of love - nobody is an outsider, everyone belongs to us.
There is no other mantra for knowledge.

If you read quantum physics today, you will realize that there is nothing other than this. The entire world is made up of one wave-function, one vibration. This is what is called Vedanta. In Advaita Vedanta it is said 'Sarvam khalvidam Brahma'; ‘Nehana nasti kinchana’
In the whole creation besides this there is nothing. This is the knowledge; there is none other than love.