15 Feb 2012 - QA 2

How to take a sankalpa and how to make one’s sankalpa strong and effective?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Being hollow and empty!

When sankalpa arises in your heart then take the sankalpa and expand your consciousness with the context of time and space in the vast universe. In this huge universe, in this huge time, I want this little sankalpa to happen and I am confident it will happen by God’s grace. This is what has to be done.

Take a desire and feel it will be heard.

Suppose you are asking a question to somebody and you have a doubt whether the question will be answered or not, you will not fully ask the question, right? You will hesitate to ask the question or somewhere you will make errors even in process of asking. So the right way of asking is first knowing that the person knows and is going to give the answer.

Suppose in a gas station you go and ask the person, how to go to this particular place. You do it with full confidence that the person knows it at the gas station. Otherwise you will not ask them, isn’t it?

That confidence you should have. I have this request and it will be granted to me.