18 Jan 2012 - QA 4

Guruji, when will you come to Sonegarh? A lot of conversions are happening there. What should we do?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

See, there should be no religious conscription (matantar). It is not good for the country. No one should leave one's religion.
Ours is an ancient religion. It is so tolerant. It embraces everyone. Accept all knowledge. Why do you renounce your religion?

Whatever messages of God have been said in other religions has already been said in our religion. Krishna also said, 'I will free you of all sins. You take refuge in me. I will set you free from all sins.' So, have faith in everyone. But deserting one's religion and subscribing to a different faith is not appropriate. This is disrespect to your ancestors. Your grandparents, great grand parents, your parents. Were they all stupid? Was the civilization of this nation not right?

Whenever we abandon our ideology and adopt another, we assume that our ideology is not right. Without condemning an ideology, you will not be able to reject it. Therefore, it is not okay. Do not criticize your religion and do not reject it.

Those who have left (the religion), tell them to come back. The essence of all religions is love. Walk the path of love, and do not disrespect anyone; do not speak poorly of anyone.

One should not say, 'Only my religion is superior, the other is wrong'. If anyone speaks like this, you just smile and move ahead. Just don't listen.