18 Mar 2012 - QA 8

Are science and spirituality mutually opposed?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Absolutely not opposed! ‘What is this world’ – is science; ‘who am I’ – is spirituality. They are complementary to each other. Where science ends, there spirituality begins. One is subjective, the other is objective, and taking along both together – this is the knowledge of the Gita. ‘Gyaan vigyana tripta atmaa.’

Okay, how many people have not read the Gita, raise your hands. Listen, do one thing. From today, read Gita at least once. There are 700 shlokas. You must read. It is the scripture of our nation. Just once, read it from beginning till end, read the Gita. There is so much knowledge in it.

Mahatma Gandhi used to read the Gita every day. Every day!

And a scientist like Einstein remarked, ‘Reading the Gita changed my perspective tremendously.’