24 Dec 2011 - QA 7

Guruji, when somebody blames me, they take away my negative energy. If this is true, why is it that I feel low or I feel very bad at the moment?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

You know, somebody is talking negative about you, they are dumping garbage. You should not hold your gunny bag and catch it.
When somebody is dumping garbage, you simply move away from there. Don't take it in.

If they say something negative about you, there are two reasons: one is, either they are doing it out of jealousy, or they are doing it because they love you very much. They are good friends with you and want the best for you, so they show your negative points or your weak points.

So if they say something negative, either you thank them because they took the guts and said it, which others normally don't want to say to you.

If someone criticizes you, they gathered the courage to do so, and they put their friendship at risk to criticize you. So thank them. And if they are just saying it out of jealousy, just forget about them and move on with a smile.