25 Dec 2011 - QA 1

What to do when people do the course and then do not come for the follow-up?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

They come back sometime or the other.

See when you have eaten a full meal you don’t think about food again because you feel so satisfied. But when you get hungry again then you come and look for food.

The basic course itself is so complete and so enriching, it doesn’t leave one hanging in the middle but it gives total fulfillment. So when people do the course then they are happy. This is one reason.

Second reason, is when you insist that they should do pranayama and kriya everyday and supposed somebody has not done it then they feel guilty that they have not done it. They feel, ‘how can I go back and face; how can I go and repeat it.’ That guilt comes into people.

Then they tell themselves, ‘from tomorrow I will do it and then I will go.’

Nobody has regrets for having done the course. They do regret why they didn’t do it earlier.

When that is the case, why they don’t come back it is because they feel so satisfied. But after some time people do attend the follow-ups, they do!

Even after ten years they come back and say I did the course ten years ago.

The chairman of the European commission did the course some fifteen years ago. And when he met with his teachers, he said I do Kriya every day. I do not miss even a single day.
He has never come to an advanced course but he does the kriya every single day.

So, people in spite of their busy schedules, they keep doing the kriya.