28 Dec 2011 - QA 14

Dear Guruji, how can I find my way home to myself?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Who is asking this?

Let go! What are you holding on to? You are home! Wake up!
Wake up, it is your cravings, which is giving you an illusion that you are far away from your home. And what are the cravings – for pleasure, for recognition. And what did you get in all those pleasures? Five minutes or ten minutes of some sensations and some stimulation; other than that what is it? NOTHING WHATSOEVER! Absolutely nothing!

It left your hands burned down, your head and heart devastated.
What else do you want?

Come on! When you want to be back home, it does not take more than a wink of the eye. That means it doesn’t take more than a second.

Wake up and Shake up! Wake up and realize you are already there. The cobwebs around your mind are your own making. You know how the spider makes its own cobweb. Who has done it? Not somebody else. From its own saliva, it made the cobweb and it is all caught up in it and feels,’ I am dying!’

You blame it on the world; blame it on people, blame it on situations and blame it on your own mind.

Stop blaming even your mind. You simply have to shake and wake up. Done!

Death can anytime rob you of all of it, in one minute. Not even a minute it takes. In one minute death will rob all of what you have. Before death robs you, let go I tell you. Then you are free and you will feel I am home.

One day death is going to rob you of everything; your home, your kith and kin, your car, jewellery, your fridge, all will be gone. In fact, they will all be here, you will be gone. It is the other way around.

Wake up and see nothing is yours. Can’t you say this – ‘Nothing is mine!’

‘Nothing is mine’, and you are home. It is such a freedom I tell you, such a freedom!

I don’t mean you should go and empty your bank balance and give it all away. Keep the money in the bank, but not in your head. Got it?

You will not be greedy, you will not be angry, you will not be possessive or jealous. Just one remembrance of an inevitable truth that is going to happen in your life, you are going to die one day! You don’t need to read books to know this. It is such an obvious truth. You don’t need to quote from scriptures to know that you are going to die.

This one thing in sight is good enough to bring a transformation in life.

That sense of courage, conviction and realization is what wisdom is. First realization, and then courage and conviction, brings so much freedom. Only then real meditation happens. Till then you sit with your eyes open and closed and again open and closed. Yes, there is some quietness in the mind, but nothing beyond.