29 July QA 7

Guruji, Ashtavakraji had said, ‘You are free at this very moment’. Then why do we need to do yoga, aasan, praanayam, gyan, Advanced course?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

: He said in the very first mantra, ‘Worship truth like Amrit (ambrosia)’ and Advanced course is the union with truth. The truth is, our breath is flowing, our body is functioning. Between these two there is something: the union with ‘I am nothing’. It is very important to be stress-free. We talk about this and that, all sorts of inconsequential stuff. We eat food day and night. We don’t want freedom from this. But we are ready to give up meditation. How come?

Kabir das sang: Why have you given up speaking the truth and Hari naam (chanting God’s name)? You did not give up anger, or telling lies, why did you give up speaking the truth? First give up anger, telling lies; then you can give up the Advanced course also.