3 August 2011 QA 6

Every thought that comes to the mind is either related with acquiring security or running away from security, so how to come out of this?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Is it so? Every thought! (Answer – 'Almost every thought')
Now you came from every thought to almost every thought, again analyze. (Answer – 'Not sure')
Not sure! So ‘not sure’ question does not get a ‘sure’ answer!
If you think you know your mind then you really don’t know and if you know you don’t know your mind then you really don’t know. So what you need to do is observe your mind, ‘Oh wow look at this mind saying so many things’, right. So in-between when your mind remains quiet, those quiet moments, even for a few seconds, few minutes, morning or evening or afternoon, anytime, you recharge your whole system, got it. Just being afraid of yourself or your situation in life is not going to make you any better or give you any security.
See you have been dependant when you were a baby right. Did you earn your own bread when you were 5 months old baby? Then nature put the thought in somebody’s mind to feed you. When you were a baby you were so dependant, right! You could not walk, 5 months old baby, where does it walk. So everything, you were dependant when you were born. And whomsoever you think my father, my mother, somebody will do, it is that one intelligence, that Divinity through those people it provided everything for you, right! Got it or not? Then you grew older, and you grew older and older and then much older and then again somebody has to help you out. So in-between these few years you think you are independent, it is just an illusion. Even then you are dependent on some unseen force or power which rules everything, which rules your breath, which rules your circulation, which rules almost every moment of your life. But in-between this age, in-between being too old or too young we think we are in control,that too only in your waking state of consciousness.You are not in control in your dream or your sleep also. If suddenly your breath stops coming in and going out of you while you sleeping, what to do! There is some power which propels the breath to keep moving in and out, yes! And that power, that consciousness has all intelligence of the world.
And when the cell phone came you start realizing there is a power in the space. See you take a cell phone, press some letters, some buttons and that’s it, that electromagnetic wave goes to America and types out the same message in that person’s phone box. Isn’t this a big miracle, we take it for granted. We don’t see that whatever was typed, that was absorbed as energy and that intelligence went through the space and is exactly being produced the same at the same spot. That means the space between this and the tower and the tower and the other tower is filled with knowledge. Are you getting what I am saying? This space around here is filled with all that knowledge in the world.
When I used to say this some 25 years ago, people would not understand. I was wondering how I am going to make them understand this. I said the space in-between is spirit. There is knowledge filled in every particle of space and I found it very difficult to explain this. But this cell phone has explained this very nicely.
First what came was the fax machine. I said,'See', whatever is written on this piece of paper we put is in the machine and it reaches the other place. So when the fax machine first came I said 'hah!, now I can explain' and after that with cellphones, it is so easy to see that you don’t have to explain so much. The empty space is filled with intelligence, filled with knowledge, filled with love and compassion. The space is breathing, that is what the reality is. The space is what constitutes your inner self.
So how is prayer beneficial? There is compassion in the consciousness all around you, you recognize it, and you feel it and it uplifts your consciousness, your mind. It mixes with your consciousness.