3 August 2011 QA 9

Guruji when I think about death, I feel dispassionate. How can one remain a karma yogi in that situation?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Look, whatever you do with dispassion (vairaagya) that has a lot of power. We work not for ourselves, but for others. Okay. When we work for others we get a certain type of satisfaction.
We wish to acquire what we have not been able to get - this is called ‘Yoga’, and what we have got, we want to preserve/maintain – this is called ‘kshemam'(protection).
If our mind is empty, and we are in bliss then both these begin to manifest in life effortlessly, what we have not been able to get/achieve, that comes and what we have, remains preserved.
Okay, how many people have experienced this, whatever you wanted you got? And how many of you have felt that you don’t have to put much effort from your side. This is the sign of a Yogi. A Yogi does not have to make any effort to fulfil his desire but one has to perform his duties.
You know all that you want, your desires, intentions are being fulfilled right, before the desire or intention arises. So that is why Yogi gets the best of enjoyments because a Yogi’s state of consciousness is such that before the desire arises the fruit is already there. He doesn’t have to struggle too hard. So for one’s requirements whatever it is, you don’t have to struggle too hard. That doesn’t mean you have to be lazy, oh Guruji says Yogis don’t need to do any work, why should I do any seva, let me just lie down all day long, let everything just happen to me. You have to do your work, not to fulfill your own desires but because you have to do certain things. You should just do it.