30 July 2011 QA 9

You say from movement to stillness is meditation, but to attain stillness through karma would be a bondage, isn’t it Guruji. So how do you attain stillness in spite of karma?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

That is what the whole skill of meditation is. In meditation, you somehow skillfully make the mind settle down and then, those few moments it settles, it is really still. It can’t be still forever, then again it starts, and some karma gets released. You know, not all karmas are active all the time, some are dormant, and some are active. So the dormant karma starts becoming active. When it is active, then you open up and you come to the surface. And then again after sometime, karma cannot be active all the time, so in-between, again and again you go and become quiet again.